Jen Rivers

It has been a dream of Jen’s to own a dance studio and bring excitement and joy to young dancers in the community. As the Owner, Director and a dance mom, she has been blessed to be able to enjoy dance from both perspectives. Jen has made a commitment to hire the best and the most talented instructors available who are committed to bringing the art of dance to life for your child.

She is thankful to all of her parents who understand her passion for providing the appropriate vehicle for all of the kids to excel as they express their personal feelings through the art of dance. Without their total support, Turning Pointe could not have enjoyed such success so quickly. She is very proud of her dancers, who chase their dreams on a daily basis. Who chose to sacrifice free time and energy in pursuit of artistic growth and inner peace. Jen applauds them, thanks them and continues to challenge them to always make themselves & the “family” proud as they “Keep on Dancing!