Come join Turning Pointe Academy of Dance for a week of summer dance fun! With fun for kids of all ages, these classes will sure be a blast for your kids and their friends!

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June 5-8 (Mon-Thurs)  9:00am – 12:00pm
Ages 3-5
Princess Party: When princesses get together, they practice their princess poise. They sway, plié and might even passé, and they never shriek or make noise. They’re planning a special party. They’re making both a craft and a treat. For their royal court and their teacher Queen, their end of week dance will be sweet! This Princess Party week camp just can’t be beat!
Cupcakes and Cartwheels – Half Day Camp
June 12-15 (Mon-Thurs) 9:00am – 12:00pm
Ages 6-10
Cupcakes and Cartwheels camp combines culinary creativity with acrobatic dance training. Designed expressly for restless campers, who have a propensity for twirling, whirling and tumbling around the house, these energetic campers will first try their hand at twirling icing onto fabulous tasting cupcakes and sweet treats. After their sweet indulgence, they will burn off any sugar with intense acrobatic dance training. This camp heavily emphasizes the fusion of dance technique and acrobatics. Their end of week performance will be a dynamic, jazz, acrobatics routine and will include cartwheels of course—and perhaps a cupcake or two!
Acro Workshop – Half Day Camp
June 5-8 (Mon-Thurs)  12:30pm – 3:30pm
Ages 8-13
Acrobatics focuses on building upper body and core strength to sustain controlled and inverted acrobatic moves. In this class, students will begin learning fundamental moves in order to achieve more advanced tricks in future classes. Each student will receive one-on-one spotting and instruction as they go across the mat so that they can build confidence in their acrobatic ability. This class fuses dance technique with acrobatic motion and emphasizes smooth transitions between the two. Dance-based acro requires students to try new movements with the bodies in such a way that is both challenging and rewarding. Instructor Cameron Rivers wants to help students to set goals for themselves, offering the tools to help them succeed. Cameron hopes to eliminate the idea of “I can’t” while acting as a motivator to help students add to their repertoire of skills and become stronger dancers. Acro 12+ Beginner/Intermediate draws inspiration from yoga,  acrobatic dance, and cique de soleil while blending disciplines from dance, acro, and tumbling. In this class, students will work on cartwheels, backbends from a standing position, and front limber/backbend kickovers. 
Hip Hop Workshop – Half Day Camp
June 12-15 (Mon-Thurs) 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Ages 8-13
Hip hop dancing is an ideal way to express one’s creativity with movement and elaborate on dynamics and textures that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. This workshop will focus on stylized choreography, breaking, popping, locking and free style improvisation. These instructors will challenge students to develop a persona, an attitude and a confidence, paired with precise movement and the art of being under tempo, relaxed and intense, all at the same time. The jumps, breakages, and rotations in the movements are combined in such a way that the dance style becomes an informal and explosive one. Dancers will practice various techniques, steps and moves focusing on rhythm, clear and elaborate execution and musical interpretation. They will learn many fun sequences and combinations that will test their minds and bodies.